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This page provides access to the Crossover tool and the Advanced Search System. Please see the tutorial below on the Crossover tool and instructions for Advanced Search. We recommend logging in to the tech management system using the landing page button here (or the link in top menu) to verify that your credentials work.

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1. Put in a keyword related to a technology (not specific products) and click on search button
2. There is no spell-check. Please be careful with spelling
3. Advanced search: Please use "|" or "&" or "~" for OR or AND or NOT operators
4. K=0 means the search term failed. Please try a different search or check spelling
5. See top and matched patents for the best match to verify precision and accuracy
6. See precise match table at the bottom in case the best match is not precise enough

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Tutorial: How to access, operate and interpret

The video above doesn't play if you have cookies disable. You can also watch the video on youtube in that case-

The “Crossover Scenario- modeling Tool” uses probabilistic forecasting of technology improvement rates to predict when a challenger technology overtakes an incumbent. This information will help analysts identify when weak links and vulnerabilities in current and future systems and capabilities reliant on technology can be matched or surpassed by adversaries. In addition, the tool helps identify strengths among systems and capabilities which can benefit from increased investment to maintain or increase a lead over adversaries. Systems which can be analyzed include weapons systems, military systems and security systems.

This is an early alpha-version, limited to only top-level domains. Next version with advanced search for sub-technologies is coming soon. The embedded video is a short demo for TechNext's crossover scenario modeling tool. In a few minutes, we will learn how to access, operate and interpret the tool. The link below or at the top of the page will take you to the tool after you have seen the tutorial video.

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