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More specifically- “We aim to enable Technology managers/ investors to integrate more technologically specific, objective data as they make future investments/ allocation”

Managing technological change and disruption is a dynamic process that is fundamentally a matter of appropriate timing. The rates of performance improvement matter because they are the major determinant of the timing of technology change and the decisions pertaining to it.

Although scientific advance, technological progress and novel product development are quite distinct as to activities and actors, all are essential to the question of when. Despite and somewhat because of the complexity of this system, the regularity of constant annual performance improvement is a very strong empirical fact with substantial theoretical underpinning. This regularity lies at the heart of integrating objective data into overall decision processes concerning items affected by the timing of technological change.

Our methodology uses a broad, easy to use, database of the rates of technological change that covers all technologies. The methodology also relies upon product/service value assessment methods that are designed to be co-used by us and our clients in an individual interactive process.

The US Air Force is our first customer.
We have just completed a STTR Phase 1 contract with the AFWERX command.

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About: About Us
About: About Us
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